Jiyu (自由) means freedom.

Jiyu Software is a free software web development company.

I build 100% free as in freedom websites and web applications with over 7 years of professional development experience.

This is the place to be if you're looking for:

You can hire me for your next project! For rates, past work, references and other inquiries please contact me at the email below.

Company details and contact information

Email: info@jiyu.dev

Git: Jiyu Software on SourceHut

Location: Emmen, Netherlands

KVK-number (Dutch Chamber of Commerce): 78670489

VAT-number: NL003363218B58

About this site

This website is currently running on Write Freely.

I'm currently working on Jiyu Web, a complete modern website revision system which will eventually be used replace this website. The project is in its early phases, but the entire development process is public.